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With Video ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube ...

We create your campaign designed to create conversions by engaging and producing traffic to your channels with video ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. In this way, we make it possible to then scale up the campaign to drive marketing with significant ROI (Return On Investment).

Your video is then spread precisely on selected social media towards your target groups. The video drives e.g. new contacts, traffic, viewings and more. Monitoring, analysis and active optimization from our expert team are included to achieve your goals.

A video campaign consists of a video production and active campaign work on selected social media. Then you as a customer decide how much you want to invest in advertising per day, week or month. But it is just as well to order a pure campaign separately for a finished video you have already produced.

This is part of your Advertising Campaign:

1. Production of a promotional video or video ad

• Half day video recording
• Re-editing of finished video material
• Adapted to your brand, target group and social media channel

2. Account account preparation

• Define audiences you want to reach with your message
• Optimization before advertising

3. Campaign and optimization

We publish your campaign video on selected channels and continue to work 
continuously during the campaign period for optimal results.

4. Analysis and reporting

When the campaign is over, we analyze the results and present a report. With the result in hand, you can then start planning for the next successful campaign on social media.

Price from: SEK 9,900

* All prices excluding VAT / All prices excl. VAT

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