Agriculture & Forestry

The SkyEye control is a drone service that gives you the advantage of seeing what you need to see from a bird’s perspective.
We work e.g. for property owners, farmers and the agricultural sector, forest protection, universities and many more.

Check your fields before harvesting for flying oats, weeds or other unwanted species. Reduce field damage to a minimum by finding the exact position. An optical inspection with drones is safe, fast and provides the best possible overview in the shortest time.


Inspection with drones also saves a lot of time. Instead of inspections taking days or weeks, we can usually carry them out in just a few hours.


Is the forest healthy? The search for pests or sick trees with the drone goes faster and saves time and personnel costs. Inspection from the air quickly provide a clear overview.

Agriculture & Agriculture

• Field inspection (including flying oats)
• Animal population / animal search
• Property areas
• Fence control

Gårdar & tomter

• Property presentations
• Documentation of areas
• Plant documentation
• Thermal camera


After locating unwanted weeds and flying oats with our drones, the workers extracted them carefully.
Less field hiking was necessary and trampled harvests were reduced to a minimum.

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Like this…

After the job description , a quote is sent. When this offer is approved, we will find a production date where we have the weather on our side. Then we film or photograph the assignment. After we have saved and sifted all material from the flight, sketches are sent to the customer for approval. It usually includes two proofreading turns. At the time of photography , it can be advantageous if the customer can be present on site. When we fly with the drone, we get a picture link where you can see live in flight what the material looks like. This simplifies the whole process. The important thing is that the job description (briefing) is clear so that you are satisfied.

If the final delivery is a film, we cut all material. We can color the film and add music and the company logo. We can also add information and graphics to the film. After approved final proofreading on film, material for web and / or large screen is delivered.

If the final delivery is photo / images, we color the images and crop them to the desired format. We usually recommend filming while we are photographing, as filmed material is grateful to be distributed. A movie of about 30-60 seconds on your website is appreciated by web visitors.

After delivery an invoice will be sent with payment terms of 14 days. We have all the necessary conditions and insurance. We are insured in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 785/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 on insurance for air carriers and aircraft operators. Our drones are fully insured at Svedea AB in Sweden.

This is because produktion each production differs in layout and price depending on an incredible number of different factors. “A Hollywood movie is also more expensive than a wedding video” EN BUT: as an approximate price idea, we can say that prices for aerial filming, photography and inspection with drones start from:

  • 950: – / hour
  • Start-up SEK 2,900 incl. first hour *

(* Prices excl. VAT. Travel and transport costs may apply. Any editing / post production is not included).

The range of use for drones is almost unlimited – Sky is the limit! Aerial film / video is used in marketing & advertising, but also in industry, property development, agriculture etc. Drones give you the opportunity to discover a whole new world with new angles and insight. We use market-leading equipment and film in up to 5K resolution.

When we fly with drones, “SAFETY FIRST” applies. That is why we always fly when the weather is as good as possible.

The following applies:
• We do not fly in rain, thunder or in wind speeds above 10 m / s.
• We never fly over places where people are without having checked this before.
• On the other hand, we have no problems flying indoors, over snow or water. 
• The drone must always be within sight so as not to endanger property or people.
• We never fly without a permit near airports, within so-called control zones. 

You can get information and see if the place to be filmed is in a control zone at  https://daim.lfv.se/echarts/dronechart/ . If we have to fly in a control zone, we contact the airport / tower in question before obtaining approval to fly in the airspace.

In Sweden and throughout Europe, there are a lot of regulations for how you can fly drones and a permit may be required before you can publish (distribute) material that contains aerial photos.

In general, a drone may be flown to a maximum altitude of 120 meters and you must have visual contact with the drone throughout the flight. In addition, it is important not to disturb other people or animals. Every flight must be done safely. Before you publish aerial footage and a photo taken with the drone, you must – in most cases – apply for a distribution permit from the land survey (it takes about 7-14 days).

FROM 2020, the regulations in Sweden will change (and be adapted throughout Europe). You can read more about this by clicking on this text ! 

By hiring us, you can be sure that the regulations are followed.

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We have all the conditions and insurance. We are insured in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 785/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 on insurance for air carriers and aircraft operators. Our drones are fully insured at Svedea AB in Sweden.