Corporate video - company films

We film your business with a narrative voice and music, etc. You reach your customers and the website’s visitors in a very efficient and credible way.

A production can include, for example, an intro, 1-3 statements / interviews, a narrator’s voice, filmed content from your office, workshop or business, additional environmental images, possibly animated sequences and slides  about the business in facts and data and graphics for t .ex. logos, nameplates, etc.

  • Half-day recording
  • Editing finished video
  • Color grading, texting
  • Voice voice over, music bed
  • 15-30 sec social media version included

We create belonging feelings

Our event videos are a truly effective tool that shows your contacts what your company or organization stands for.

  • A half-or full-day video recording or editing of finished video material
  • Editing recorded material and color grading
  • 2 correction rounds
  • Adapted to your brand, target group and channel (eg website, social media, etc.)

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