Live and online streaming

Streams your event, your lecture, education etc.

Marxmedia livestreams your event! We handle the technology, but we can also help you with content and layout. Of course, you should send it yourself with your mobile phone when you can – but sometimes it can be smart to take the help of professionals to get the best sound and sharp close-up. In addition, it can be good to be able to show nameplates and your logo in the broadcast. At the same time as we broadcast live, we can record your event for future needs.

 #Live streaming – broadcast live on the internet
 #Optional platform, e.g. Teams, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.
 #Graphics such as nameplates and logos, start and end plates
 #Possibility to display a Keynote or PowerPoint in the broadcast via a connected computer.
 #Recording can be saved to a file that can be cut and customized.
 #Tips, strategies and support to get an engaging broadcast and reach the right target group / audience

Because each assignment is unique, we have no package prices. We prefer that we meet (in Conora times online) and together we work out a tailor-made solution for you.

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Tell us more about your project or product,  and we will provide suggestions for tailor-made solutions and ideas that match your needs and your budget (we will always get back  to you  quickly).